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Major Mitchell Cockatoo
Umbrella Cockatoo

Princess & Areil Parrots Aviaries

is an online bird shop made up of different species of legal birds. In partnership with zoo breeders with 508 certified birds and parrots dealers whose main goal is to increase the adoption of birds and parrots within Europe as pets and lovely birds companion at home. We are among the top online marketplace for buying and selling of birds, parrots, and exotic birds online with shipping and delivery worldwide in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia and Middle East now creating a branch in Africa with countries like Egypt, Algeria, SA, and many more joining to circulate the passion and love of talking birds and exotic birds.

Parrots Chicks For Sale

If you are looking to buy Parrots chicks online, We need to educate you on the steps you need to take in order to avoid getting the wrong bird to your home. Before buying a talking parrot online from Wallace Bird Paradise, you most, read through the blogs post so as to be sure before you making any order for our talking birds online which you will either pick up or have us ship it to you and most of our delivery are done within the follow airlines. Alaska Air cargo, and IPATA while in some areas like Africa we use DHL and UPS. Parrots Chicks for sale with shipping worldwide.

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How To Care For Baby Parrots

When finding a young and helpless baby parrots, most people are uncertain about what to do. If you take a look at our blog, we have given you a complete guide on how to care for a baby Parrot. You will also learn when the best decision is to do nothing but wait for the birds’ parents to take over again. Determining the age of the young Parrot is crucial when you want to offer the best help. There are several characteristics that exist in different stages of growth.

How To Transport Exotic Birds?

How to Transport Pet Birds. Whether you need to take your pet birds to the vet, home or just a day out somewhere, you have to make sure that pet transport is safe and comfortable. When you buy birds, you have to be fully equipped with transportation, means so that you can be prepared for any emergencies. Find out how you can transport your pet parrot or other similar birds in this

How Baby Exotic Birds Adapt Behaviour

From the moment they are born, baby birds have to adapt to their surroundings to survive and thrive. Birds adapt both behaviorally and structurally to overcome predators and environmental factors. Behavioral adaptation occurs quite fast in the growth process, and it equips birds with the desired life skills. Though behavioral adaptation occurs in all birds, most bird species display different behavioral adaptation techniques.

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Shipping And Delivery Of Exotic Birds

We ship daily, All live Exotic birds are shipped by Airlines only. If your address is in an area which is considered rural by our courier there may be an additional charge. More information can by found on our delivery page. Your delivery can quite gladly be delivered to your business address as your consignment needs to be signed for. Normally, standard deliveries will take between 2 and 5 working days and we do everything we can to meet the delivery times specified. Exotic birds for sale online delivery world with the best pets delivery service in your location or continent for safety measures.

How to Care for a Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds are playful by nature, which means they love toys. Toys can help alleviate boredom if your bird is home alone for lengthy periods of time. They can also encourage exercise. Birds love to chew on toys and food, and chewing helps keep their beaks in top condition, so it’s important that you provide your parrot with plenty of chewable toys. Chewable toys include pinecones, rawhide chews, natural fiber rope, and tree branches. Some birds even like to tear up cardboard and corn on the cob. click bellow if you want to know more about caring for a parrot as a loving and talking pet.


Can you own a falcon as a pet? Most likely not. Falcons are wild birds of prey that are protected by law and can’t be kept as pets by normal people. You would need a special permit that allows you to do so. However, in this article, I’m telling you, why falcons might not be the right bird for you. For many people owning a pet falcon is a tempting idea. It’s fully understandable as they are special and majestic animals that not everyone takes care for. But most people haven’t thought this idea to its end. In reality, caring for a bird of prey isn’t that worth striving for. Falcon birds for sale online.