We ship daily, The airport is only 30 minutes away from our facility. All live birds are shipped AIR LINES ONLY we do not ship USPS this is illegal so please don’t ask. We World Wide but we do not ship all parrots some parrots are illegal to some countries.

A Specialist will first look to see where the closest airport is to ship your bird. (We only ship birds on airlines that implement a Pet Safe Program) After choosing an airport, we will begin coordinating all schedules & considerations between yourself and the breeder.

We will then book your flight and send you an email itinerary of all of the times, flights, schedules & pick up location. The day of your parrot’s journey, we will pick him/her up at the breeder’s facility and transport him/her to the airport.

Once all of the paperwork is filled out and your bird is checked in at the airport, you will receive an email and/or phone call letting you know how everything is going. During the day of the flight, we will continually be updating you on the progress of the flight schedules until your bird arrives safely in your arms.

In the case where delivery is to be done at home, the customer is recommended to be at home at the specified hour of delivery.

We will contact our customer once again on the day of shipment before the bird/eggs departure our aviary. A return call, text or e-mail to Parrots letting us know that the bird(s) arrived safely is greatly appreciated.

All sales are final when the birds are shipped. There are no returning the birds. We have a 24 hour limit of notification, after deliver of the birds, of any death at the point of delivery, specified on the order. Immediate inspection is necessary to insure damage didn’t occur during shipping and the birds are alive at delivery. We will replace the dead bird or refund the cost of the bird one time, but not the shipping cost.


We take care of the flight/shipping arrangements for all our customers. All a customer has to do is to pick up their baby at their door steps or nearest airport with a Valid I.D. Simple and Safe.

We’ll coordinate flight times with our customer a few days in advance before the bird is being shipped (weather permitting). We’ll drop off the bird at our airport and the customer will pick up the bird at their nearest major airport. Customers are supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill number, and flight arrival time prior to departure. A direct flight will arrive within 3-6 hours depending on your state. Please click on our “Terms and Conditions” tab to read more detailed information on shipping.


Yes, of course!!! Our pet carriers are well designed to ensure our bird(s) enjoy their flight to their destination. We provide food, water, and soft bedding inside the shipping carriers to make sure the baby is comfortable while traveling. In addition, we train our bird(s) to be in a pet carrier daily for a few mins to ensure they don’t get stressed while traveling during their flight.

**Flying a parrot or fertile eggs or baby parrots : Is it safe? This question is often asked. We certainly wouldn’t consider it if it wasn’t. I personally asked this question to the people of the shipping company on my first attempt to ship a couple of years back, and this was their answer to me ***When we book a flight, it is only on safe, approved Airlines that has pet-safe programs that Follows USDA guidelines. The parrot or baby parrot will have the same air as the pilot flying the plane & someone will be there to care for & look after them on and off the plane. When we go to book a flight for our pets we always call ahead and find the most direct flight available (much as if you were looking for a flight for Yourself.) .


The fertile eggs are well packaged and secured for shipping. We pack the eggs in a foam before placing it in a protective cardboard before shipping to ensure 100% safe delivery to your door steps or closest airport.

Our parrots/ fertile eggs have always arrived safe and sound to their new owners. The shipping people even went further to say that it is better and more comfortable to fly a parrot on a 2-5 hours flight than drive with that parrot for 6 hours or more***. And that I believe so much because I know they are professionals and will deliver the parrots safely.

We always coordinate flight times with our customers few hours in advance before their order is being shipped out. The customer is supplied with full delivery information ( airlines air waybill number to track their parcel and flight arrival time prior to departure.